THETA Research and Ethics Committee (THETA REC)

THETA REC Accreditation Overview

Traditional medicine has been used for thousands of years with great contributions made by practitioners to human health, particularly as primary health care providers at the community level. Eighty per cent of African populations use.
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Members of THETA REC

Members of the REC are sufficiently qualified through the experience and expertise of its members, and the diversity of the members, including consideration of race, gender, and cultural backgrounds and sensitivity to such issues as community attitudes, to promote complete and adequate review of research activities commonly conducted by THETA Uganda and other researchers.
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Applications for Research Protocol

The REC focuses on research in traditional medicine products, practices and practitioners to promote safety and efficacy of herbal remedies that are in use to treat illnesses of health with resultant product development that targets national and international market
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THETA Research Publications

There has been a lot of research work at THETA Uganda. The following have been published:
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Standard Operating Procedures - SOPs

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Other Important Documents

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