APROHEN Uganda and THETA sign MOU

APROHEN and THETA Members after signing the MOU

The MOU was signed at the APROHEN (Association of Professional Herbalists and Nutritionists) main offices in Fort Portal, Kabarole district. Alex Erejo representing the Executive Director of THETA Uganda and Apollo Lamara, the Executive Director of APROHEN signed the MOU in the presence of the Executive Committee Treasurer, Ronald as a witness. The signing of the MOU saw two representatives each from the seven districts of the Rwenzori region. The MOU is meant To strengthen mobilisation and organisational structures for THPs and to strengthen needs based training and technical assistance for traditional medicine developemntin Rwenzori region

THETA Delegate and APROHEN official shake hands after signing the MOU

Expectations after signing the MOU

  1. - Mobilizing and Organizing THPs to form District and Regional Associations
  2. - Providing need based trainings and technical assistance to organized groups of THPs
  3. - Promoting culture of savings and cooperative investments among THPS
  4. - Documenting and disseminating knowledge and lessons learnt


Busoga Kingdom Minister for Health, Owekitibwa Dr. Andrew Balyeku(left), shaking hands with the Executive Director of THETA, Dr. Joseph Baguma (right) after signing the MOU at the Kingdom Headquarters.

Busoga kingdom represented by Owekitibwa Dr. Andrew Balyeku, Minister of Health for the Kingdom signed a memorandum of understanding with THETA represented by their board member Eng. Anke Weisheit for cooperation in the field of traditional medicines and medicinal plants. The event happened on Thursday 13th April at the Busoga kingdom headquarters in Bugembe, Jinja District.

Both parties agree to:

1)Promote the safety, quality, integrity and rational use of traditional medicines and plants.

2)Protect indigenous medicinal plants and increase sustainable use of indigenous medicinal plant resources.

3)Promote acceptance of traditional medicines in the health care system, including standardization, quality assurance and promotion of large-scale production.

4)Promote and protect indigenous knowledge and intellectual property.

Busoga Kingdom Officials and THETA Delegation After Signing the MOU

The TM considers those treatments that are medication based using herbal medicines, animal parts, minerals, or homeopathic remedies. Herbal medicines include herbal materials, herbal preparations, and finished herbal products that contain therapeutically active ingredients that are plant based. Both parties recognize that Busoga is blessed with abundant yet un-researched traditional medicine including medical plants, which hold tremendous potential in the national and health arena, and that traditional medicine is an important element of life of people in Busoga.


Ms.Wulfekmmer Britta of HorizonT3000 with Mr. Alex Erejo, Head of Traditional Medicine Development at THETA Uganda during the training

THETA Uganda sought technical assistance from HORIZONT3000 on capacity development to establish a plan on how to handle product development. The assistance was requested for to guide the team in Traditional Medicine Development department in constructing a business plan in production and selling of Herbal Medicine products Two reasons convinced THETA Uganda to initiate that process; firstly, to increase the level of health and wellbeing of people by making safe, effective herbal health products available at a fair price. Also, there is a potential to create a surplus which again could be invested in financing other activities. HorizonT3000 represented by Ms. Britta Wulfekmmer conducted the training at THETA Uganda for 2 weeks that ended on Friday 19th May, 2017.

The main objective for the technical assistance by Horizont3000 was to create a business strategy for initiation of herbal products development and value addition programme.

Ms. Wulfekmmer Britta, Executive Director THETA, Dr. Joseph Baguma and other THETA staff touring THETA Herbal Garden after the Training

The technical assistance was conducted in form of a workshop inform of discussions, research and idea sharing In the period of 2 weeks, the team came up with the following for the business plan. A the business plan was filled with ideas of what the herbal product should be, short and long term goals, the price, the marketing and distribution channels, human resource, operations, capacity, timeline of the business, roll out and pilot of the business plan, competitors and SWOT analysis. An agreed timeline on the production of the healthy herbal product was released and the following are to be done;

  • - Completion of the ongoing research on the missing specifics of the business plan

  • - Production of the agreed product starting in July 2017 for a pilot phase


Students from Boston taking a Traditional Medicine tour in the THETA Herbal Garden

As part of its continued Professional development, THETA hosted two universities on study tour in traditional medicine. These included the Department of Pharmacology, Gulu University and students of Nursing and Social Sciences from Boston, USA

THETA Staff inducting the Gulu University, Pharmacology students in African Traditional Medicine at THETA Uganda offices

The main objective of the visits was to explore the developments in African traditional medicine and practice and also seek for opportunities for future collaboration in promoting Traditional Medicine among the youth in school. It was recommended by the institutions that THETA starts a training program to give opportunity to students to learn about traditional medicine, how to best utilize the knowledge obtained for effective collaboration with pharmacists and also develop a short internship course for students to be able to integrate the biomedical and traditional medicines.


Following a partnership visit initiated by African Rural University launched in 2006, THETA team made a follow up visit to the University and met University officials led by the University Secretary Jacqueline Akello and Founder Prof. Musheshe at the main campus in Kagadi Town, Kibaale District. The team was first taken through a guided tour of the University with its Projects including; the Agro- eco farm, Community radio, Cultural center and medicinal gardens among others. A meeting that focused on establishment of an affiliation center of ARU at THETA and as well as exploring other opportunities for partnerships and collaborations was held.

Executive Director for THETA, Dr. Joseph Baguma on a guided tour of ARU